Performance Workshop, April 2018: Bonnets, Romanticism, the landscape, (me to you to us).

7 minutes and 36 seconds

Out of Frame (pre-production)

3 minutes 47 seconds

A studio wheat harvest; weaving between the willow boning of multi-person bonnets; exchanged perspective via mirrors placed into bonnets; learning to traverse space connected through one another.


Materials: Willow, linen, cotton, wheat, mirrors, 1 performer, 2 performers, 3 performers.

Performers: Kaivalya Brewerton, Uzma Chowdhury, Lowena Hearn, Henry Neim Osman, Jago Rackham, Soha Salem.

Assisted by Emma Green.

Music: Lookout Mountain Convention 1968 by the Sacred Heart Singers; Vergogna Schifosi by Ennio Morricone

Photos by Emma Victoria Green and Rebekah Bide