Plans for Better Living, 2018.

Video and sculpture installation.

The Plans for Better Living films are duplicated videos that deviate and return to one another, remaining simultaneously in sync. They are presented as part of the Plans for Better Living installation on two separate screens facing one another, each one's opposing image available in glimpses through situated mirrors that can be seen whilst sitting on the raised carpeted seating and platform, obscured through replicas of water and wheat, surrounded by vertical curtains. A water-cooler is provided for refreshments and conversation by the exit.

The films in their full version last 14 minutes, 44 seconds.

Performers: Henry Osman, Soha Salem, Anna Sharon, Lowena Hearn, Jago Rackham, Uzma Chowdhury.

Assisted by Emma Green and Meitao Qu.

Film Extract no.1. 

This clip shows the Circus deviation. 

Film Extract no. 2 

This clip shows the Cowgirl deviation.

It replaces 00:52 to 01:17 from Extract no.1.