Love is a (large) thing physical

Recycled sterling silver (925), fine silver (999), baroque and freshwater pearls.


Largest of hearts, the Love is a Thing Physical is a love heart shaped locket held together through magnetic force. The locket can physically hold and protect something of value, sentimental or physical, or simply act as a vessel to later fill or empty. Inspired through a lover's changing forms.


Approximate measurements:

Locket: 7x7cm / 2¾" x 2¾" 

Chain: 48cm / 19"


The locket is formed on one side with a poem by Jago Rackham.

On the other side of the heart is an engraving based on a drawing of three figures circling one another by Lowena Hearn.


The 45cm (18") chain is comprised of 33 unique metal forms cast from wax. An image of molten wax poured into iced water, the forms have been captured at the forced point of a liquid freezing into a solid form, later transmogrified into metal using the millenia old technique of lost-wax casting. 


Hallmarked by the London Assay Office.


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