Love is a (small) thing physical

A Love heart locket made in sterling silver (925) and fine silver (999) with neodymium closures, hung on a sterling silver beaded chain with freshwater pearl interlink.

Approximate measurements:

Locket: 2x2cm / ⅞"x ⅞"

Chain: 45cm / 18"


The Love is a Thing Physical is a love heart shaped locket held together through magnetic force. The locket can physically hold and protect something of value, sentimental or physical, or simply act as a vessel to later fill or empty. Inspired through a lover's changing forms.


Made in collaboration with Jago Rackham and Lowena Hearn. 


Email to place your order and receive a quote for shipping. Customisation is available eg. gold plating, chain only, pendant only, specific inscription. The chain is available to order as an alone piece. Only if the chain is ordered with the locket does it come fitted with a unique clasp. If you are requesting a 'chain only' piece and would like a bespoke clasp please specify this when placing your order. 


Each piece is made to order. Please allow 4 weeks plus shipping for your work to arrive. Worldwide shipping from London, United Kingdom.